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Restricted open shop scheduling


In the real applications the open shop scheduling models often require some additional constraints and adequate models. We concern the restrictions in the open shop scheduling related to an instance of the problem and to a feasible solution. Precisely, we require that each jobs consists of the bounded number of operations and each machine has a bounded load (i.e., the total number of operations executed on this machine in a schedule). Moreover, in any feasible schedule we require some predetermined delays between the subsequent operations of the same job (no delays in the no-wait restriction) and each machine is working without any idle time (no-idle restriction). Although the open shop scheduling problem is NP-hard in general, we show some polynomial time algorithms using chromatic scheduling models for the selected open shop scheduling problems.

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Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science nr 11, strony 20 - 27,
ISSN: 2299-2634
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Małafiejski M., Pastuszak K.: Restricted open shop scheduling// Journal of Theoretical and Applied Computer Science. -Vol. 11., nr. 1 (2017), s.20-27

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