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Risking It All or Here Comes the Flood


The professional reality is interdisciplinary! When city transformation and evolution starts, what are the tools for successful strategies for urban interventions? How does digital planning for digital fabrication processes look like? How dedicated are the new professionals? And how does this all influence the future of bridge design? More than 60 students representing various disciplines of built environment and working together in international and interdisciplinary mixed project groups at the second think the link—Baltic International Summer School (B.I.S.S.) analyzed these and other questions. The B.I.S.S., launched by the HafenCity University Hamburg together with eight international partner universities from the Baltic Sea region, aims to develop, test and implement new ways of interdisciplinary teaching, learning and designing. It also searches for ties and correlations between experiences, cultures and cities, in particular around the infrastructural juncture along the Elbe Bridges, which was chosen as the area to be explored and worked on for 2016’s “Hamburg 2030—Urban Futures” topic. This publication serves as a source book for fresh and unconventional urban development and intervention in harbor cities as well as an inspiration for successful interdisciplinary working, teaching and learning. On top, it gives a full documentation of the B.I.S.S. and expert comments on the 15 interdisciplinary projects that were devised during the ten-day workshop in Hamburg in 2016.

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rozdział, artykuł w książce - dziele zbiorowym /podręczniku w języku o zasięgu międzynarodowym
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W : Think the link Hamburg 2030 : Urban Futures strony 17 - 22
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Obracht-Prondzyńska H., Eriksson K.: Risking It All or Here Comes the Flood// Think the Link, Hamburg 2030 - Urban Futures/ ed. Annette Bögle, Sabrina Gieron, Frauke Kasting, Kristina Peselyte-Schneider, Maria Mujica von Seggern, Emiliya Popova Hamburg: HafenCity University Hamburg, 2018, s.17-22
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