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Strength analysis of a large-size supporting structure for an offshore wind turbine


The offshore wind power industry is the branch of electric energy production from renewable sources which is most intensively developed in EU countries. At present, there is a tendency to install larger-power wind turbines at larger distances from the seashore, on relatively deep waters. Consequently, technological solutions for new supporting structures intended for deeper water regions are undergoing rapid development now. Various design types are proposed and analysed, starting from gravitational supports (GBS), through monopiles and 3D frame structures (jackets, tripods), and ending with floating and submerged supports anchored to the seabed by flexible connectors, including TLP type solutions. The article presents the results of examination of an untypical large-size gravitational support intended for waters with the depth of up to 40 m. Firstly, a general concept of the new design is presented, while the next basic part of the article describes the support design in detail and provides its strength analysis. The examined support has the form of a large steel container consisting of conical segments. The strength analysis was conducted using the finite element method (FEM), in accordance with the standard DNVGL-ST-0126. Modifications introduced to the most heavily loaded structural node of the support, which was the set of base bottom trusses, is also included. The results of the performed analysis prove that the presented concept of supporting structure for a 7MW turbine meets fundamental strength criteria. The nonlinear buckling analysis was performed to evaluate the critical force acting on the support, which turned out to be 1.44 times as large as the maximum load of the wind turbine. Potentially important issues for further analyses have been identified as those resulting from the asymmetry of basic loads acting on the support.


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Polish Maritime Research nr 24, wydanie S1 (93), strony 156 - 165,
ISSN: 1233-2585
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Niklas K.: Strength analysis of a large-size supporting structure for an offshore wind turbine// Polish Maritime Research. -Vol. 24, iss. S1 (93) (2017), s.156-165
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1515/pomr-2017-0034
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