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The best practices transfer part I


This expertise describes the possibilities of best practices implementation. These examples of best practices concern to improve the women’ entrepreneurship and were identified at the earlier stage of the project. One of the areas of activity within the QUICK IGA project was the selection of best practices related to strengthening the economic activity of women in the context of developing the competitiveness and innovation of SMEs. Due to the Scandinavian enterprises' considerable experience in this area, the best practices were sought among them with view to possible future implementation in the remaining BSR countries, mainly in Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Poland. A comprehensive analysis of the solutions used mainly by Scandinavian companies and public organizations to combine the economic activity of women, as well as complex consultations with other partners of the project, allowed GUT to select 6 related to women's activity. It this expertise are presented transfer basic requirements, benefits and optimal conditions for implementation three identified solutions: Female future, Women into Technology, Fuuturi: Women entrepreneurs and management future.

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