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The IPV6 Deployment - Best practices


The new Internet Protocol IPv6 has been regarded for quite a long time as the only option to ensure uninterrupted operation for the Internet service providers andend-users in the current Internet. The article presents important faets about the IPv6, including current statistics of the IPv4 usage, the IPv6 statistics for Poland comparing to the whole Internet. Moreover, this paper shows important aspeets of migration from IPv4 towards IPv6 using different dedicated tools: a universallPv4-IPv6 ip46nat Translator, the IPv6 Migration Guide - to help network administrators to facilitate IPv6 deployment and a migration tool which is able to check whether the process has been finished successfuily. As far as the next steps after migration are concerned, the paper covers the development of the IPv6 services and application like the Dibbler - a portable, open DHCPv6 implementation, the IPTVv6 and VoIPv6 services on the IMS platform and the pmacct-snmp for network management. Finaily, the article highlights the importance of virtualization and IPv6 for current cloud computing, and also presents the nationallPv6 testbed network in Poland named PL-LAB.

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Batalla J., Binczewski A., Burakowski W., Gajda B., Nowicki K., Stroiński M., Woźniak J.: The IPV6 Deployment - Best practices// Future Internet Week : Towards and Beyond Europe 2020 - The Siginificance of Future Internet for Regional Development. Future Internet Week Report, Poznan, 24-28 October 2011/ ed. Państwowy Instytut Badawczy, Radom Radom: , 2011, s.167-185
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