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The use of LiFePO4 technology in autonomous PV systems


Battery manufacturing based on the flow of lithium ions is currently the fastest growing and the most promising technology. It is used in many applications - from the smallest electronic devices to the large-scale energy trays. However, in the PV systems lead-acid batteries are still the most commonly used. As they are much cheaper they also come with a number of significant disadvantages. It is anticipated that they will be replaced by batteries based on LiFePO4 technology in the near future. The use of this technology in autonomous PV systems requires development of the electronic systems with charging and discharging monitoring capabilities. The article briefly discusses the integrated BMS (Battery Management System) which purpose is to measure the voltage, current and the temperature of the cells and their environment during charging and discharging of the battery. As a consequence, it allows aligning voltages on each cell to bring safety oversight and provide a long and trouble-free operation of the battery. A dedicated, high-performance solar charge controller based on a technique MPPT has been also presented. Controller allows optimizing the use of electrical energy generated by the PV module. It was created as a result of cooperation between ITE Cracow Division and Zamel. The proposed solution has been put under economic evaluation in terms of current and future manufacturing and deployment costs.

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38th International Conference of IMAPS-CPMT Poland strony 1 - 4
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Grzesiak W., Maćków P., Synkiewicz B., Zawora S., Klugmann-Radziemska E., Grzesiak P.: The use of LiFePO4 technology in autonomous PV systems// 38th International Conference of IMAPS-CPMT Poland / ed. A. Dziedzic Kraków: Instytut Technologii Elektronowej, Oddział w Krakowie, 2014, s.1-4
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