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  • The role of low-energy electrons in the charging process of LISA test masses

    • S. Taioli
    • M. Dapor
    • F. Dimiccoli
    • M. Fabi
    • V. Ferroni
    • C. Grimani
    • M. Villani
    • W. J. Weber


    The estimate of the total electron yield is fundamental for our understanding of the test-mass charging associated with cosmic rays in the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Pathfinder mission and in the forthcoming gravitational wave observatory LISA. To unveil the role of low energy electrons in this process owing to galactic and solar energetic particle events, in this work we study the interaction of keV and sub-keV...

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  • Mechanical Properties of Twisted Carbon Nanotube Bundles with Carbon Linkers from Molecular Dynamics Simulations

    • A. Pedrielli
    • M. Dapor
    • K. Gkagkas
    • S. Taioli
    • N. M. Pugno


    The manufacturing of high-modulus, high-strength fibers is of paramount importance for real-world, high-end applications. In this respect, carbon nanotubes represent the ideal candidates for realizing such fibers. However, their remarkable mechanical performance is difficult to bring up to the macroscale, due to the low load transfer within the fiber. A strategy to increase such load transfer is the introduction of chemical linkers...

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  • Elastic scattering of electrons by water: An ab initio study

    • F. Triggiani
    • T. Morresi
    • S. Taioli
    • S. Simonucci

    - Frontiers in Materials - Rok 2023

    In this work we devise a theoretical and computational method to compute the elastic scattering of electrons from a non-spherical potential, such as in the case of molecules and molecular aggregates. Its main feature is represented by the ability of calculating accurate wave functions for continuum states of polycentric systems via the solution of the Lippmann-Schwinger equation, including both the correlation effects and multi-scattering...

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