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  • How to meet when you forget: log-space rendezvous in arbitrary graphs


    Two identical (anonymous) mobile agents start from arbitrary nodes in an a priori unknown graph and move synchronously from node to node with the goal of meeting. This rendezvous problem has been thoroughly studied, both for anonymous and for labeled agents, along with another basic task, that of exploring graphs by mobile agents. The rendezvous problem is known to be not easier than graph exploration. A well-known recent result...

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  • Taking advantage of symmetries: Gathering of many asynchronous oblivious robots on a ring


    One of the recently considered models of robot-based computing makes use of identical, memoryless mobile units placed in nodes of an anonymous graph. The robots operate in Look-Compute-Move cycles; in one cycle, a robot takes a snapshot of the current configuration (Look), takes a decision whether to stay idle or to move to one of the nodes adjacent to its current position (Compute), and in the latter case makes an instantaneous...

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  • Cost minimization in wireless networks with a bounded and unbounded number of interfaces

    - NETWORKS - 2009

    Praca dotyczy problemu minimalizacji energii poprzez selektywne odłączanie urządzeń komunikacyjnych w wielointerfejsowych sieciach bezprzewodowych w taki sposób, by zapewnić realizację wymaganego grafu połączeń. Sformułowano problem optymalizacyjny, podano wyniki dotyczące jego trudności i zaproponowano algorytmy optymalizacyjne. Rozważono zarówno wariant, w którym liczba interfejsów komunikacyjnych jest parametrem stałym (narzuconym...

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