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  • A model development and experimental verification for a vapour microturbine with a permanent magnet synchronous generator

    Vapour microturbines with permanent magnet synchronous generators are implemented in micropower plants for dispersed power generation systems. The dynamic model of such a microturbine set was developed and presented. The developed relations result from the generic equations. Experimental data for two different working medium were used for model verification. A microturbine set model was tested during the changes in the parameters...

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  • Performance of microbial fuel cells operated under anoxic conditions

    - APPLIED ENERGY - 2019

    Nowadays, microbial fuel cells (MFC) stand up as a promising renewable energy source. Due to the ability of the MFC to oxidize a wide spectrum of substrates, wastewater seems to be one of the most interesting fuels. Unfortunately, wastewater could contain electron acceptors such as nitrate, which could interfere with the electrical performance of the MFC. In this work, the influence of oxidised nitrogen forms on the electricity...

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