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  • Hybrid Expert System for Computer-Aided Design of Ship Thruster Subsystems

    The article presents an expert system supporting the design of ship's power subsystems, in particular the thruster subsystem. The proposed hybrid expert system uses the results of simulation tests as the additional source of knowledge. The results of system operation are collated in a report which can be used as part of ship design description. The work oriented on developing the expert system is the continuation of the research...

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  • Centralized and Distributed Structures of Intelligent Systems for Aided Design of Ship Automation

    A design process and accepted solutions made during this process, often base on non-formalized knowledge, obtained from designer (expert) intuition and practice. There are no formalized rules assuring the correctness of design solutions. The analysis of design process of ship automation, including ship power system, shows that this process can be supported by application of the artificial intelligence elements. The article presents...

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  • Mathematical Models in Design Process of Ship Bow Thrusters

    The paper describes an application of simulation models for computer-aided design of ship bow thrusters. Generation of simulation models of ship bow thruster requires development and verifying of mathematical models of system component elements. Using the results of simulation the expert system is able to determine, that the rules of classification societies are met. Design procedures and mathematical models are part of an expert...

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