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Inter Applied Chemistry Programme 1 Morrison Forensic

Inter Applied Chemistry Programme 1

Lecture 1 background reading
Read the following : Chapter 1 Introduction to Forensic Science ( From 
Jackson, Jackson, Mountain and Brealey, Forensic Science, Pearson  4th Ed 
Very general professional guidance/Introduction United Nations can be found 
within these guides, (these are mainly for reference purposes)

Task 1: What is Forensic Science
A definition of forensic science is “relating to a court of law”, so therefore 
any subject area relating to legal proceedings in a professional content can 
be called forensic. Choose an area within forensic science and give a brief 
account (approximately 500 words) of the subject defining how the science is 
related to the court of law and a good example of its use in a crime.

Lecture 2 background reading
Linville and Lui, Forensic Science: Fact or Fiction, Science, June 21, 2002
Task 2: Perceptions of forensic science
Summarise a fictional example of forensic science or crime and discuss how 
realistic you perceive the science to be portrayed. At this stage we do not 
need to worry too much about the full details of the actual science, but more 
about its perception and how it has been communicated. Please carry out this 
task in a short notes style, up to 1000 word limit.
Some examples include a Sherlock Holmes story, more modern crime books, other 
forms of entertainments such as television (for example CSI) or films.


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