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  • Geometry of cycling track

    The paper describes the problems related to shaping of the geometry of the cycling track. The method of selection of the angle at the track curve is presented. Issues related to the selection of the appropriate transition curve and the superelevation section along the transition curve are presented. Reference to the recommendations presented in the literature and scientific papers has been made. Special attention...

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  • Numerical and Analytical Investigation of Aluminium Bracket Strengthening

    This paper focuses on an analytical and numerical investigation of aluminium brackets used to fasten light-weight curtain walls to building facilities. The authors propose a solution to increase the load capacity of aluminium brackets by means of additional cover plates (straps). This paper also includes a short survey of literature and material properties concerning the EN AW-6060 T6 aluminium alloy. This paper suggests an initiation...

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  • Simplified method of applying loads to flat slab floor structural model

    The article analyses the impact of the live load position on the surface of a reinforced concrete flat slab floor of 32.0 m × 28.8 m. Four variants of a live load position are investigated: located on the entire concrete slab, set in a chessboard pattern, applied by bands and imposed separately in each of the slab panels. Conclusions are drawn upon differences in bending moments, the time of calculation and the size of output files....

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