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Human Centric Lighting. The New X Factor?


We live in challenging times, and one could even claim we’re experiencing a revolution in lighting with LED technology taking over the world. Part of this rapid change involves a concept called Human Centric Lighting (HCL). In Frankfurt this year, during Light+Building, it was the buzzword, with nearly every second manufacturer’s stand claiming they had figured out the special formula necessary to create perfect HCL illumination. But how can such claims be legitimate when we know so little about the full and complex impact of artificial lighting on human biology, let alone how to responsibly apply this new approach?

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ARC Lighting In Architecture strony 081 - 086,
ISSN: 1753-5875
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Zielińska-Dąbkowska K.: Human Centric Lighting. The New X Factor?// ARC Lighting In Architecture -,iss. 108 (2019), s.081-086
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