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Numerical crash analysis of the cable barrier


Safety barriers are used to increase road safety. Their basic task is to prevent the errant vehicle from getting off the road in places which are potentially dangerous for vehicle passengers. Barriers, which are used on European roads, must fulfill the requirements of EN 1317 standards by passing appropriate crash tests. Because of their high cost, numerical simulations are increasingly used to evaluate the properties of safety barriers, especially in the early stages of the barrier design or in the modifications of existing ones. Simulations allow for a detailed insight into the impact mechanism and their cost are much lower compared to real crash tests. Since the crash phenomenon is a dynamic process and the duration of vehicle-barrier contact is short, numerical simulations are performed using explicit dynamics algorithm. The most popular is commercial FEM system LS-DYNA. In this study the numerical simulation of cable barrier crash test using 900 kg vehicle (TB11 test) and 13 000 kg bus (TB51) were carried out. The results of TB51 test were compared with the results obtained from real crash test. Additionally, the influence of friction coefficient value on the results was analyzed.

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Mathematical and numerical aspects of dynamical system analysis, vol. 2 strony 555 - 566
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Wilde K., Bruski D., Burzyński S., Chróścielewski J., Witkowski W.: Numerical crash analysis of the cable barrier// Mathematical and numerical aspects of dynamical system analysis, vol. 2/ ed. JAN AWREJCEWICZ, MAREK KAŹMIERCZAK, JERZY MROZOWSKI, PAWEŁ OLEJNIK Łódź: Department of Automation, Biomechanics and Mechatronics, 2017, s.555-566
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