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Observation value analysis - integral part of Bayesian diagnostics


Detailed subject of the research is to analyse the value of the observation, which is a part of preposterior analysis. For the presented network, the main objective was to determine, conducting of which of three tests is the most valuable from the perspective of determining possible need or possibility to omission expensive technical expertise. The main advantage of preposterior analysis is answering the question which of the considered experiments is potentially the best source of information and what cost needs to be incurred on its execution. If the cost of such an examination is relat ively small compared to the value of information on the state of nature, this implies a direct recommendation to conduct the experiment.

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Tytuł wydania:
Creative Construction Conference 2015 - Proceedings strony 148 - 153
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Apollo M., Kembłowski M..: Observation value analysis - integral part of Bayesian diagnostics, W: Creative Construction Conference 2015 - Proceedings, 2015, Diamond Congress Ltd,.
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