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Organic Rankine cycle as bottoming cycle to a combined Brayton and Clausius - Rankine cycle


A preliminary evaluation has been made of a possibility of bottoming of a conventional Brayton cycle cooperating with the CHP power plant with the organic Rankine cycle installation. Such solution contributes to the possibility of annual operation of that power plant, except of operation only in periods when there is a demand for the heat. Additional benefit would be the fact that an optimized backpressure steam cycle has the advantage of a smaller pressure ratio and therefore a less complex turbine design with smaller final diameter. In addition, a lower superheating temperature is required compared to a condensing steam cycle with the same evaporation pressure. Bottoming ORC’s have previously been considered by Chacartegui et al. for combined cycle power plants [1] Their main conclusion was that challenges are for the development of this technology in medium and large scale power generation are the development of reliable axial vapour turbines for organic fluids. Another study was made by Angelino et al. to improve the performance of steam power stations [2]. This paper presents an enhanced approach, as it will be considered here that the ORC installation could be extra-heated with the bleed steam, a concept presented by the authors in [3]. In such way the efficiency of the bottoming cycle can be increased and an amount of electricity generated increases. A thermodynamic analysis and a comparative study of the cycle efficiency for a simplified steam cycle cooperating with ORC cycle will be presented. The most commonly used organic fluids will be considered, namely R245fa, R134a, toluene, and 2 silicone oils (MM and MDM). Working fluid selection and its application area is being discussed based on fluid properties. The thermal efficiency is mainly determined by the temperature level of the heat source and the condenser conditions. The influence of several process parameters such as turbine inlet and condenser temperature, turbine isentropic efficiency, vapour quality and pressure, use of a regenerator (ORC) will be presented. Finally, some general and economic considerations related to the choice between a steam cycle and ORC are discussed.

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Mikielewicz D., Żmuda E.: Organic Rankine cycle as bottoming cycle to a combined Brayton and Clausius - Rankine cycle// XXI International Symposium Research - Education - Technology/ : , 2013,
Politechnika Gdańska

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