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Photophysical processes in the selected white organic light-emitting diodes


The first part discusses history of organic emitters, the scope of the work, phenomena in molecular systems, types of architectures in OLEDs, types of OLEDs emitting white light with examples from the literaturę and a description of the parameters chcracterizing LEDs. The second part describes materials, production of the samples, the measurement systems and results. In chapter 8.1 the results for the OLEDs based on emission from dendrons with pyrene antennae are presented. Suitable chromophore concentration allowed to obtain emission from pyrene excimer and acceptor moiety of the dendrons, together creating white light. Chapter 8.2 describes the results for green and red emitting diodes with complexes of terbium and europium, and those for the WOLED. It is discussed energy transfer mechanism and the diffusion coefficients of excitons in the matrix and their diffusion lengths were determined. In chapter 8.3 the results obtained for diodes with organic platinum complexes are presented. Mechanisms responsible for decrease of the external quantum efficiency are discussed and from comparison with theoretical models annihilation constant was determined for the triplet-triplet annihilation proces. It was built and characterized double-layer white light-emitting diode employing emissions of the monomers and excimers of the Platinum complex.

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