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Profitability criteria of partial cogeneration in nuclear power plant.


In this paper, profitability criteria and calculation methodology of profitability conditions for partial cogeneration in nuclear power plant (NPP) was presented. Considered NPP supplies electricity to consumers through public power system, whereas heat is expected to be supplied to consumption regions via long-distance heat transport line. First proposed profitability criterion was total annual costs of electricity and heat delivered from three supply systems, namely: a) nuclear power plant, adapted to the extraction of process heat and low temperature heat – referred to as nuclear cogeneration plant (NCP), b) fossil-fuel cogeneration plant (FCP) plus additional electrical power and energy from power grid (or simply from fossil-fuel power plant - FPP) to compensate the difference between electrical power outputs of NCP and FCP (both having equal heat production) c) fossil-fuel district heating plants (FDHP) plus power plant i.e. two options: c1) fossil-fuel power plant (FPP) and c2) nuclear power plant (NPP). Additionally, supplementary criterion comparing specific heat cost from nuclear cogeneration plant with the cost of heat from FCP and FDHP was proposed. From nuclear plant investor and operator point of view, the criteria based on economic factors i.e. net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and discounted payback period (DPP) will be critical for decision making process. These economic factors were used for supplementary criteria and the methods of their calculation were presented.

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Rynek Energii strony 141 - 147,
ISSN: 1425-5960
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Jaskólski M., Reński A., Duzinkiewicz K., Kaczmarek-Kacprzak A.: Profitability criteria of partial cogeneration in nuclear power plant.// Rynek Energii. -., nr. 5 (114) (2014), s.141-147
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