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System information propagation for composite structures


We study in details decoherence process of a spin register, coupled to a spin environment. We use recently developed methods of information transfer study in open quantum systems to analyze information flow between the register and its environment. We show that there are regimes when not only the register decoheres effectively to a classical bit string, but this bit string is redundantly encoded in the environment, making it available to multiple observations. This process is more subtle than in a case of a single qubit due to possible presence of protected subspaces: Decoherence free subspaces and, so called, orthogonalization free subspaces. We show that this leads to a rich structure of coherence loss/protection in the asymptotic state of the register and a part of its environment. We formulate a series of examples illustrating these structures.


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Opublikowano w:
PHYSICAL REVIEW A nr 98, wydanie 2, strony 1 - 12,
ISSN: 2469-9926
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Mironowicz P., Należyty P., Horodecki P., Korbicz J.: System information propagation for composite structures// PHYSICAL REVIEW A. -Vol. 98, iss. 2 (2018), s.1-12
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.1103/physreva.98.022124

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