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  • On the Origin of Protein Superfamilies and Superfolds

    - Scientific Reports - Rok 2015

    Distributions of protein families and folds in genomes are highly skewed, having a small number of prevalent superfamiles/superfolds and a large number of families/folds of a small size. Why are the distributions of protein families and folds skewed? Why are there only a limited number of protein families? Here, we employ an information theoretic approach to investigate the protein sequence-structure relationship that leads to...

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  • Lossless Compression of Binary Trees with Correlated Vertex Names

    - Rok 2016

    Compression schemes for advanced data structures have become the challenge of today. Information theory has traditionally dealt with conventional data such as text, image, or video. In contrast, most data available today is multitype and context-dependent. To meet this challenge, we have recently initiated a systematic study of advanced data structures such as unlabeled graphs [1]. In this paper, we continue this program by considering...

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  • Towards More Realistic Probabilistic Models for Data Structures: The External Path Length in Tries under the Markov Model

    - Rok 2013

    Tries are among the most versatile and widely used data structures on words. They are pertinent to the (internal) structure of (stored) words and several splitting procedures used in diverse contexts ranging from document taxonomy to IP addresses lookup, from data compression (i.e., Lempel- Ziv'77 scheme) to dynamic hashing, from partial-match queries to speech recognition, from leader election algorithms to distributed hashing...

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