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  • The resistance of S235JR steel to cavitation erosion

    - WEAR - Rok 2020

    The erosion resistance of S235JR steel to flow cavitation was investigated. In order to understand an influence of steel properties and cavitation intensities on the degradation mechanisms, low-carbon S235JR steel was tested in the as-received state and after thermal treatment (annealing) under four different flow velocities. Annealing decreased steel hardness, which made S235JR steel less resistant to cavitation erosion. The performed...

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  • Cavitation Erosion – Phenomenon and Test Rigs

    The cavitation and cavitation erosion phenomenon have been shortly presented. The main four types of test rigs to investigate the cavitation erosion resistance have been shown. Each type of test design is described and an example of a design is shown. A special attention has been payed to the designs described in the International ASTM Standards: a vibratory design and a cavitating jet cell. There was shown that the design of a...

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  • Cavitation Erosion Resistance Influence of Material Properties

    The cavitation erosion is the phenomena that causes degradation of fluid flow machinery components due to repetitive implosion of cavitation bubbles adjacent to the solid surface. Cavitation erosion is a complex phenomenon, which includes not only hydrodynamic factors of liquid, but also properties of erodible material e.g. microstructure, hardness or Young modulus. In order to reduce the negative impact of erosion on machine components,...

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