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  • Augmenting digital documents with negotiation capability

    Active digital documents are not only capable of performing various operations using their internal functionality and external services, accessible in the environment in which they operate, but can also migrate on their own over a network of mobile devices that provide dynamically changing execution contexts. They may imply conflicts between preferences of the active document and the device the former wishes to execute on. In the...

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    - 2015

    The dissertation focuses on the augmentation of proactive document - agents with built-in intelligence to recognize execution context provided by devices visited during a business process, and to reach collaboration agreement despite conflicting requirements. The proposed solution, based on intelligent bargaining using neural networks to improve simple multi-issue negotiation between the document and thedevice, requires practically...

  • Bilateral Multi-Issue Negotiation Between Active Documents and Execution Devices

    Mobile document-agents are often in conflict with execution devices when attempting to perform activities of the business process they implement, since preferences of device owners may change depending on their current location and the actual class of the device in use. The paper proposes a bilateral negotiation mechanism based on a simple bargaining game that can effectively resolve such conflicts without any third party support.

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