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Punkty Ministerialne: Pomoc

Punkty Ministerialne - aktualny rok
Rok Punkty Lista
Rok 2022 70 Lista ministerialna 2019
Punkty Ministerialne - lata ubiegłe
Rok Punkty Lista
2022 70 Lista ministerialna 2019
2021 70 Lista ministerialna 2019
2020 70 Lista ministerialna 2019
2019 70 Lista ministerialna 2019
2018 35 A
2017 35 A
2016 35 A
2015 35 A
2014 35 A
2013 35 A
2012 35 A
2011 35 A
2010 32 A
2009 32 A
2008 32 A

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Rok Punkty
Rok 2020 3.4
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Rok Punkty
2020 3.4
2019 3.6
2018 3.8
2017 3.7
2016 3.8
2015 4
2014 4.3
2013 4
2012 4.1
2011 5.1

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Katalog Czasopism

Rok 2019
Rok 2015
  • Dynamical objectivity in quantum Brownian motion

    Classical objectivity as a property of quantum states —a view proposed to explain the observer-independent character of our world from quantum theory, is an important step in bridging the quantum-classical gap. It was recently derived in terms of spectrum broadcast structures for small objects embedded in noisy photon-like environments. However, two fundamental problems have arisen: a description of objective motion and applicability...

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  • Generalised heart rate statistics reveal neurally mediated homeostasis transients
    • D. Makowiec
    • B. Graff
    • W. Miklaszewski
    • D. Wejer
    • A. Kaczkowska
    • S. Budrejko
    • Z. R. Struzik

    - EPL-EUROPHYS LETT - Rok 2015

    Distributions of accelerations and decelerations, obtained from increments of heart rate recorded during a head-up tilt table (HUTT) test provide short-term characterization of the complex cardiovascular response to a rapid controlled dysregulation of homeostasis. A generalised statistic is proposed for evaluating the neural reflexes responsible for restoring the homeostatic dynamics. An evaluation of the effects on heart rate...

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Rok 2014
Rok 2012
  • Particle shape dependence in 2D granular media
    • C. Cegeo
    • B. Saint-Cyr
    • K. Szarf
    • C. Voivret
    • E. Azéma
    • V. Richefeu
    • J. Delenne
    • G. Combe
    • C. Nouguier-Lehon
    • P. Villard... i 3 innych

    - EPL-EUROPHYS LETT - Rok 2012

    Particle shape is a key to the space-filling and strength properties of granular matter. We consider a shape parameter eta describing the degree of distortion from a perfectly spherical shape. Encompassing most specific shape characteristics such as elongation, angularity and non-convexity, eta is a low-order but generic parameter that we used in a numerical benchmark test for a systematic investigation of shape dependence in sheared...

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Rok 2011
  • Minimal parameter implicit solvent model for ab initioelectronic-structure calculations

    - EPL-EUROPHYS LETT - Rok 2011

    Abstract - We present an implicit solvent model for ab initio electronic-structure calculations which is fully self-consistent and is based on direct solution of the nonhomogeneous Poisson equation. The solute cavity is naturally defined in terms of an isosurface of the electronic density according to the formula of Fattebert and Gygi (J. Comput. Chem., 23 (2002) 662). While this model depends on only two parameters, we demonstrate...

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Rok 2009
  • W-like bound entangled states and secure key distillation

    We construct multipartite entangled states with underlying W-type structuresatisfying positive partial transpose (PPT) condition under any (N −1)|1 partition. Then we showhow to distill a N-partite secure key from the states using two different methods: direct applicationof local filtering and novel random key distillation scheme in which we adopt the idea from recentresults on entanglement distillation. Open problems and possible...

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