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  • Simplified approach to assess the dynamic response of a container ship subjected to bow slamming load

    Simplified approach to assess the dynamic response of a container ship subjected to the bow slamming load, resulting in a transient vibratory response, typically called a 'whip-ping', is presented. The accurate numerical modelling is very complex and involves cou-pling of the hydrodynamic and structural solution at every time step, leading to huge com-putational and workload cost. Thus, the one-way coupling methodology is adopted,...

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  • Strength analysis of container ship subjected to torsional loading

    The objective of this work is to investigate the torsional response of a container ship, with particular consideration of the warping effect. Two different models are investigated. In the first case, the full length model of a ship is analyzed and a distributed load is applied with the use of a novel approach. The model is supported in the torsional centre of the cross-section, which is derived analytically. In the second case,...

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  • Design of Inner Gate for CRIST Shipyard Dry Dock

    The paper deals with a removable steel inner gate which was designed to separate two parts of a dry dock of about 70 m in width and 380 m in length. The gate allows for independent assembly of ship structures in two separated parts of the dock. The fore part of the dock can be flooded while the after part is dry. Tthe gate was designed by IDEK Company Ltd in 2011 and it was soon constructed and used by CRIST Shipyard in Gdynia.

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