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Consumerism and the Quality of Life


High level of consumption, driven by marketing activities, the pleasure and joy of possession and the accumulation of material goods are often associated with prosperity, sense of happiness and fulfilment in life. On a broader scale, economic indicators related to production and consumption are used to define the well-being and quality of life in societies. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of consumerism entails negative social and individual consequences. It is worthwhile to consider whether striving to increase consumption, including artificial creation of demand through marketing activities, is indeed the right and necessary action to be taken in the quest for the adequate life quality level of the contemporary man. The objective of this article is to try to answer the question whether high consumption level actually leads to an increase in the quality of life. The article is also a voice in an interdisciplinary debate which the today’s world needs to a great extent.

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artykuły w czasopismach recenzowanych i innych wydawnictwach ciągłych
Opublikowano w:
Handel Wewnętrzny nr 370, strony 103 - 111,
ISSN: 0438-5403
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Drapińska A.: Consumerism and the Quality of Life// Handel Wewnętrzny. -Vol. 370., nr. 5 (2017), s.103-111
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