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Controlling computer by lip gestures employing neural network


Results of experiments regarding lip gesture recognition with an artificial neural network are discussed. The neural network module forms the core element of a multimodal human-computer interface called LipMouse. This solution allows a user to work on a computer using lip movements and gestures. A user face is detected in a video stream from a standard web camera using a cascade of boosted classifiers working with Haar-like features. Lip region extraction is based on a lip shape approximation calculated by the means of lip image segmentation using fuzzy clustering. ANN is fed with a feature vector describing lip region appearance. The descriptors used include a luminance histogram, statistical moments and co-occurrence matrices statistical parameters. ANN is able to recognize with a good accuracy three lip gestures: mouth opening, sticking out the tongue and forming puckered lips.

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Dalka P., Czyżewski A.: Controlling computer by lip gestures employing neural network// Lecture notes in artificial intelligence.. -., nr. Nr 6086 (2010), s.80-89
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