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Determination of antibiotic residues in honey


Honey produced by honeybees is a valuable food product. The presence of xenobiotics in honey may harm its quality and constitute a danger to human health. Antibiotics are commonly applied by beekeepers to eliminate disease among honeybees. Moreover, ubiquitous administration of antibiotics may cause bacteria to become resistant to many drugs and spread antibioticresistant strains of bacteria. Appropriate sample preparation and determination of antibiotics at very low concentrations in foodstuffs are real analytical challenges. This article reviews analytical methods used for determination of residues of different sorts of antibiotic in honey and other honeybee products.

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TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY nr 30, strony 1035 - 1041,
ISSN: 0165-9936
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Bargańska Ż., Namieśnik J., Ślebioda M.: Determination of antibiotic residues in honey// TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. -Vol. 30, nr. iss. 7 (2011), s.1035-1041
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