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Low noise poroelastic road pavements based on modified asphalt binder


Tire/road noise is one of the most important environmental problems related to road traffic. As the most effective way to fight noise is reduction of sound emission from the source, a lot of work is being done to improve tire and road surfaces construction. This paper describes the first “road” results obtained within the SEPOR project, which is focused on developing a low noise poroelastic road surface based on bituminous binder. It is also a continuation of the paper presented during NOISE-CON 2019 conference that described the preliminary results of laboratory tests and small scale experiments. The paper presents results of measurements performed on two road sections paved with poroelastic material in 2019. The technologies used on these test sections were aimed at eliminating the problems that occurred with poroelastic surfaces using polyurethane binder and in particular increasing the durability of the surface (especially in terms of adhesion to the base layer) as well as reducing rolling resistance. The paper describes the results of tire noise, sound absorption, drainage properties and rolling resistance tests. Experience to date indicates that bituminous binder has eliminated the most troublesome problems of poroelastic road surfaces, but at this stage of development the achieved noise reduction is not as high as expected so more trials will be performed in 2020.

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Ejsmont J., Świeczko-Żurek B., Gardziejczyk W.: Low noise poroelastic road pavements based on modified asphalt binder// / : , 2020,
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Politechnika Gdańska

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