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Mathemathical model of radial passive magnetic bearing


In the article mathematical radial model of passive magnetic bearings to ocean engineering units has been presented. The units application in underwater thrusters should increase propulsion systems durability and gives lower maintenance costs. The rotor of electric motor is hanging in magnetic field taken from radial passive magnetic bearings. However axial direction maintenance must be controlled with electromagnets and their high dynamics regulator. The risk of application of the magnetic bearings comes from very low stiffness of the unit in comparison with ball bearings. Construction of the unit should also be different due to gyroscope effect and its high forces during ship manouvering. The physical model performs well when electromagnets are controlled properly, and technological problem with sealing system seems more significant than power supply to electromagnets windings. Equations presented in the article are necessary for algorithms of a magnetic bearing on-line controlled in axial direction by a digital controller.

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Polish Maritime Research nr 17, strony 37 - 44,
ISSN: 1233-2585
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Matuszewski L., Falkowski K.: Mathemathical model of radial passive magnetic bearing// Polish Maritime Research. -Vol. 17, nr. Nr 3 (2010), s.37-44
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