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Measuring research on radio wave propagation


Telecommunication connections are increasingly based on the wireless links, both fixed and mobile, carried out under different radio systems. This kind of solution has many advantages. However, the propagation medium is a factor that causes many difficulties in designing wireless networks, because of large diversity of propagation environments. Transmission loss in each environment is determined by many variables phenomena and factors. It is essential to determine the transmission loss to a specified accuracy, which is necessary for designing of radio links to meet energy requirements [1].Therefore, there is a need to create empirical propagation models for different environments, based on measuring research results. So far a number of such models have been developed, mainly for urban and indoor environments. However, the environments in these groups may also differ within. Because of this, the issue of radio wave propagation measuring research is a current topic, especially for the radio networks in specific environments. At present, the Department of Radiocommunication Systems and Networks in the Gdansk University of Technology is carrying out the wide research on radio wave propagation. Very important are normative requirements - as described in literature, such as ITU-R Recommendations [2-5] - that have to be met during the research. At the outset of paper, radio links have been characterized in scope of transmission loss and its components. Then the next to be discussed is requirements concerning measuring equipment, its calibration process, measurement methodology, as well as the processing and presentation of their results. In the last part of the paper an exemplary mobile measuring station is presented. It was developed and implemented for use in research in diverse propagation environments.

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publikacja w wydawnictwie zbiorowym recenzowanym (także w materiałach konferencyjnych)
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XII International PhD Workshop OWD 2010, Conferences Archives PTETiS, Vol.28, Wisła, 23-26.10 strony 325 - 330
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Ambroziak S.: Measuring research on radio wave propagation// XII International PhD Workshop OWD 2010, Conferences Archives PTETiS, Vol.28, Wisła, 23-26.10/ : , 2010, s.325-330
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