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Capacity Transforming challenges into opportunities


The Urban Initiative Laboratory (UIL) aims to upgrade the smart city concept in Gdańsk by introducing the Food-Water-Energy (FWE) nexus to the city. It was agreed in the CRUNCH international consortium that projects on different scales would be implemented in the individual countries to test the Integrated Decision Supportive system platform, which would, in principle, concern urban scale. The regular urban scale was to be researched in Urban Living Labs (ULL) in Uppsala, Eindhoven, Southend-on-Sea, and Taipei. The Miami project developed appropriate tools for an IDSS platform, with maximum use of GIS data on a regional scale. The open test bed of the micro ULL FWE Nexus Square – i.e. a pavilion prototype – was supposed to be opened in Gdańsk in June 2020, in accordance with the CRUNCH action plan. However, the approved functionalities of the pavilion were no longer applicable due to the significant social changes in public spaces caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the ULL’s business partner used the prototype pavilion for the purpose of a mobile diagnostic laboratory in a different location. It was absolutely clear that UIL could not continue the micro ULL in Gdańsk in the form previously planned. ULLs focus on, amongst other things, strategic learning to achieve systemic change (van den Bosch, 2010) and better anticipation of constraints on upscaling and inclusion (Dijk et al., 2019). Therefore, UIL began the theoretical research, which emerged from tackling the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on city life from the urban perspective.


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Bach-Głowińska J., Łubiński J., Tobolewicz J.: Capacity Transforming challenges into opportunities// Designing Sustainable and Resilient Cities.Small Interventions for Stronger Urban Food-Water-Energy Management/ : , 2023, s.87-95
Cyfrowy identyfikator dokumentu elektronicznego (otwiera się w nowej karcie) 10.4324/9781003112495-13
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Politechnika Gdańska

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