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Modelling of Abdominal Wall Under Uncertainty of Material Properties


The paper concerns abdominal wall modelling. The accurate prediction and simulation of abdominal wall mechanics are important in the context of optimization of ventral hernia repair. The shell Finite Element model is considered, as the one which can be used in patient-specific approach due to relatively easy geometry generation. However, there are uncertainties in this issue, e.g. related to mechanical properties since the properties may vary naturally or as an effect of identification accuracy etc. The aim of the study is to include uncertainties in the modelling and investigate their influence on the model response. The parameters of Gasser-Ogden-Holzapfel hyperelasticmaterialmodel including fibre orientation are treated here as random variables. The uncertainties are propagated with the use of regression based polynomial chaos expansion method. Sobol’ indices are used as the measures of global sensitivity analysis and they provide information about the influence of input uncertainties on the uncertainty of the model output. Uncertainty of parameter affecting stiffness of ground substance (C10) has the highest contribution to the variation of the displacement of chosen point in the center of the abdominal wall.

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Szepietowska K., Lubowiecka I., Magnain B., Florentin E.: Modelling of Abdominal Wall Under Uncertainty of Material Properties// Computer Methods, Imaging and Visualization in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering/ : , 2020, s.305-316
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