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Ontology-Aided Software Engineering


This thesis is located between the fields of research on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR), Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) and Model Driven Engineering (MDE). The modern offspring of KRR - Description Logic (DL) [Baad03] is considered here as a formalization of the software engineering Methods & Tools. The bridge between the world of formal specification (governed by the mathematics) and the world of software development is realized by the adaptation of Controlled Natural Language (CNL) as a verbalization of DL. The aim of this thesis is to prove that: 1) It is possible to define a Common, Object Oriented Language by us-ing the Con-trolled Natural Language as a verbalization of Descrip-tion Logic. 2) Introduced language is understandable for people and can be automatically pro-cessed by machines. It can also be used in many areas of software development where natural language is currently used. 3) The language can be used to aid the software production process with ontology engineering. The invented formalism is named Ontology-Aided Software Engineering (OASE). OASE im-plements formal semiotic, software oriented, system. Semotic layers of OASE were verified within the survey and the validation experiment carried out by us on group of software programmers and designers.

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