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Pipelined Two-Operand Modular Adders


Pipelined two-operand modular adder (TOMA) is one of basic components used in digital signal processing (DSP) systems that use the residue number system (RNS). Such modular adders are used in binary/residue and residue/binary converters, residue multipliers and scalers as well as within residue processing channels. The structure of pipelined TOMAs is usually obtained by inserting an appropriate number of pipeline register layers within a nonpipelined TOMA structure. Hence the area of pipelined TOMAs is determined by the nonpipelined TOMA structure and by the total number of pipeline registers. In this paper we propose a new pipelined TOMA, that has a considerably smaller area and the attainable pipelining frequency comparable with other known pipelined TOMA structures. We perform comparisons of the area and pipelining frequency with TOMAs based on ripple carry adder (RCA), Hiasat TOMA and parallel-prefix adder (PPA) using the data from the very large scale of integration (VLSI) standard cell library.


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Maciej Czyżak, Jacek Horiszny, Robert Smyk. (2015). Pipelined Two-Operand Modular Adders, 24(1), 148-160. https://doi.org/10.13164/re.2015.0148

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Opublikowano w:
RADIOENGINEERING nr 24, strony 148 - 160,
ISSN: 1210-2512
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Czyżak M., Horiszny J., Smyk R.: Pipelined Two-Operand Modular Adders// RADIOENGINEERING. -Vol. 24, nr. 1 (2015), s.148-160

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