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Poroelastic Road Surface – a Promising Road Traffic Noise Abatement Solution


Road surfaces have a direct impact on the generation of noise by rolling tyres, the main and dominant source of noise of moving vehicles, as well as may affect propagation of noise emitted by all noise sources of a vehicle. Thus there is no doubt that pavement should be considered as one of the major potential road traffic noise abatement measure. Low noise pavements of existing types may in new conditions provide up to 8 dB of noise reduction but the reduction decreases with time, usually 0.5-1.0 dB per year. For higher noise reductions an innovative solution like poroelastic road surface (PERS) must considered. PERS is a porous wearing course with a high content of interconnected voids and with an elasticity due to the significant amount of rubber (virgin material or recycled) in the aggregate volume. The paper presents the State-of-the-Art of poroelastic road surfaces including the results of noise measurements performed on experimental test sections of this pavement in comparison to typical road surfaces. An impressive traffic noise reductions up to 12 dB can be achieved using PERS but its insufficient durability is the most important issue to be solved before this type of pavement will be widely used.

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POSTĘPY AKUSTYKI strony 80 - 85
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Mioduszewski P.: Poroelastic Road Surface – a Promising Road Traffic Noise Abatement Solution// POSTĘPY AKUSTYKI/ ed. Jacek Marszal Gdańsk: Polskie Towarzystwo Akustyczne Oddział Gdański, 2018, s.80-85
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Politechnika Gdańska

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