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The impact of sediment, fresh and marine water on the concentration of chemical elements in water of the ice-covered lagoon


The common use of chemical elements by man has been contributing to their extraction for centuries. As a consequence, they have been directly or indirectly introduced into the biogeochemical cycle. In the framework of many conventions, mining and processing of elements are currently subject to many restrictions. However, their large load that has already been deposited in the soil and bottom sediments can be remobilised and enter the food chain. The identification of factors favouring this process is very important, especially during the period of adopting new legal regulations on limiting the emission of pollutants. It became possible in February 2018 during the persistence of ice cover on the lagoon’s surface. This allowed observation of processes, the effect of which in the absence of ice is blurred by wind mixing water. Therefore, an investigation of sources of 25 elements in a lagoon of the southern Baltic has been undertaken, based on the example of the Vistula Lagoon. The results point to the remobilisation of chemical elements (including the toxic ones) from land and bottom sediments, where they have been deposited for decades. These processes led to the accumulation of metals in certain areas of the lagoon. It may result in their uptake and accumulation in the benthic organisms inhabiting the lagoon and further transfer in the food chain. It is of major importance as the lagoons in the southern Baltic fulfil many essential functions in the scope of tourism, economy, and fishery. Thanks to restrictions on the quality of wastewater and the emission of pollutants, it has been noticed a substantial “purifying” effect of rivers, too.


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