The Use of Sensory Analysis Techniques to Assess the Quality of Indoor Air


The quality of indoor air is one of the significant elements that influences people's well-being and health inside buildings. Emissions of pollutants, which may cause odor nuisance, are the main reason for people's complaints regarding the quality of indoor air. As a result, it is necessary to perform tests aimed at identifying the sources of odors inside buildings. The article contains basic information on the characteristics of the sources of indoor air pollution and the influence of the odor detection threshold on people's health and comfort. An attempt was also made to classify and use sensory analysis techniques to perform tests of the quality of indoor air, which would enable identification of sensory experience and would allow for indication of the degree of their intensity.


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Typ: artykuł w czasopiśmie wyróżnionym w JCR
Opublikowano w: CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY nr 47, strony 37 - 50,
ISSN: 1040-8347
Język: angielski
Rok wydania: 2017
Opis bibliograficzny: Kolasińska P., Dymerski T., Gębicki J., Namieśnik J.: The Use of Sensory Analysis Techniques to Assess the Quality of Indoor Air// CRITICAL REVIEWS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. -Vol. 47, nr. 1 (2017), s.37-50
DOI: 10.1080/10408347.2016.1176888
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