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Znaczenie kobiet w firmach rodzinnych: wczoraj, dziś i jutro


Abstract: This paper provides a review of the literature on women in family businesses. Based on a structured literature review (SLR) method, 81 articles and other research works published since 1997 were analysed. The aim was to contribute to the literature and present what is new in the recent debate and how the evolutionary trend looks like. Over the last twenty years only a few investigations have studied women in family firms. Nevertheless research of that field is dynamic and evolving. The most important findings of this work concern the identification of trends, crucial topics and potential future research toward a better understanding of women in family firms and in order to develop new knowledge. Selected from Google Scholar written in Polish and English studies were classified considering different criteria: main theme, impact, country of research, research method and year.

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artykuły w czasopismach recenzowanych i innych wydawnictwach ciągłych
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Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie nr XIX, strony 459 - 474,
ISSN: 1733-2486
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Licznerska M., Rembiasz M.: Znaczenie kobiet w firmach rodzinnych: wczoraj, dziś i jutro// Przedsiębiorczość i Zarządzanie. -Vol. XIX., nr. 7cz.1 (2018), s.459-474
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