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  • DNA methylation as a mediator of HLA-DRB1*15:01 and a protective variant in multiple sclerosis
    • L. Kular
    • Y. Liu
    • S. Ruhrmann
    • G. Zheleznyakova
    • F. Marabita
    • D. Gomez-Cabrero
    • T. James
    • E. Ewing
    • M. Lindén
    • B. Górnikiewicz... i 38 innych

    - Nature Communications - Rok 2018

    The human leukocyte antigen (HLA) haplotype DRB1*15:01 is the major risk factor for multiple sclerosis (MS). Here, we find that DRB1*15:01 is hypomethylated and predominantly expressed in monocytes among carriers of DRB1*15:01. A differentially methylated region (DMR) encompassing HLA-DRB1 exon 2 is particularly affected and displays methylation-sensitive regulatory properties in vitro. Causal inference and Mendelian randomization...

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  • Regulated assembly of lipopolysaccharide and sensing of its alterations in Escherichia coli

    - Rok 2018

    This thesis describes mechanism of the regulation of the transcription of the rpoE gene encoding an essential RNA polymerase subunit in Escherichia coli. The RpoE regulates extracytoplasmic stress response regulon and is required to initiate transcription of genes, whose products are involvedin the folding of periplasmic proteins and synthesis and transport of outer membrane components. The transcriptional regulation of the rpoE...

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