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Year 2022
  • Diamond protection for reusable ZnO coated fiber-optic measurement head in optoelectrochemical investigation of bisphenol A

    - MEASUREMENT - Year 2022

    Due to the global problem with plastic contaminating the environment, with bisphenol A (BPA) being one of the highest demand, effective monitoring and purification of the pollutants are required. The electrochemical methods constitute a good solution but, due to polymerization of electrochemical oxidation bisphenol A products and their adsorption to the surfaces, measurement head elements are clogged by the formed film. In this...

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  • Diamond Structures for Tuning of the Finesse Coefficient of Photonic Devices

    - Materials - Year 2022

    Finesse coefficient is one of the most important parameters describing the properties of a resonant cavity. In this research, a mathematical investigation of the application of diamond structures in a fiber-optic Fabry–Perot measurement head to assess their impact on the finesse coefficient is proposed. We present modeled transmission functions of cavities utilizing a nitrogen-doped diamond, a boron-doped diamond, nanocrystalline...

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  • Tuning of the finesse coefficient of optoelectronic devices

    - Year 2022

    Optoelectronic devices attracted considerable attention in many branches of science and technology, which can be attributed to their unique properties. Many of them use optical cavities which parameters can be adopted to specific requirements. This thesis investigates the introduction of diamond structures (nitrogen-doped diamond film, boron-doped diamond film, undoped diamond sheet) to optical cavities to tune their finesse coefficient....

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