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Year 2021

  • Yerba Mate - A Long but Current History

    - Nutrients - Year 2021

    Bearing in mind the growing interest in Yerba Mate, a comprehensive study has been prepared containing the most important aspects and possibilities of its use. The introduction of the work contains the species characteristics of Yerba Mate, as well as information about the origin and places of cultivation. The next part focuses on the analysis of the composition, pointing to purine alkaloids, polyphenols, saponins, and minerals...

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  • Young Shoots of White and Red Headed Cabbages Like Novel Sources of Glucosinolates as Well as Antioxidative Substances

    - Antioxidants - Year 2021

    Most literature data indicate that the diet rich in plant products reduces the risk of developing chronic non-communicable diseases and cancer. Brassica vegetables are almost exclusively synthesizing glucosinolates. Glucosinolates are higher in sprouts than in mature plants, being related to the activity of the specific myrosinase involved in the degradation of glucosinolates during developmental stages. This study compares the...

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Year 2020

Year 2016

  • Yacht harbour as a part of city public space

    - Year 2016

    Transformation of harbors opens opportunities to introduce new functions into city centers. Very often abandoned ports’ infrastructure is adopted into a yacht harbor. The article elaborates typology of yacht harbors and theirs’ potential which can be used in creation of city center. Thesis are illustrated by examples of Port Vell, Barcelona, Spain and Sundby Harbour, Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Yields and Time-of-Flight Spectra of Neutral High-Rydberg Fragments at the K Edges of the CO2 Molecule
    • A. Kivimäki
    • C. Stråhlman
    • T. Wąsowicz
    • J. Kettunen
    • R. Richter


    We have studied the production of neutral fragments in high-Rydberg (HR) states at the C 1s and O 1s edges of the CO2 molecule by performing two kinds of experiments. First, the yields of neutral HR fragments were measured indirectly by ionizing such fragments in a static electric field and by collecting resulting singly charged positive ions as a function of the photon energy. Such measurements reveal not only excitations below...

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