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Rok 2016
  • Attitudes towards Collaboration in Multicultural Teams in the opinion of Polish and Chinese Students

    The main goal of this paper is to present results of research that addresses the issue of attitudes towards working in both multicultural and single culture teams among Polish and Chinese students. The relationship between those attitudes and factors that includes individual experiences of research participants as well as characteristics of team tasks was analyzed. The research was conducted with students of one Polish and one...

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  • Intercultural Challenges in Virtual Teams

    : Virtual teams are usually geographically dispersed and consist of members from different countries and cultures. They influences internal communication processes and can cause personal conflicts, misunderstandings or lack of trust. Intercultural diversity is also significant for goal setting and team effectiveness. The aim of this article is to check if virtual team members appreciate the cultural diversity or rather suffer from lack...

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  • The Factors Affecting Group Identity of Cluster Structures

    The paper provides a new approach to cluster analysis, basing on a sociologically rooted concept of identity. The authors state that identity in cluster structures is formed by two main groups of factors – uncontrollable or slightly controllable factors (identity mix) and factors that can be fully controlled by a cluster initiative (corporate identity mix). It means that the cluster coordinator is able to consciously build the...

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  • To Work or Not to Work… in a Multicultural Team?

    The main goal of the article is to present research findings regarding student’s attitude to working in a multicultural team (MCT). Research participants of different cultural background completed the research survey. Their willingness to work in MCT was measured together with factors that influence it. These include factors related to both team members and the task structure. Research findings indicate that the respondents preferred...

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  • Trust triggers and barriers in intercultural teams

    Intercultural teams are more and more popular nowadays — they constitute a serious challenge in terms of effective cooperation and trust building, however. The article presents the potential problems that can affect intercultural cooperation and stresses the power of trust in cultural diversity conditions. The ten-factor model of intercultural team trust is presented. The main aim was to answer the questions: what are the differences...

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Rok 2015
Rok 2014
Rok 2012
Rok 2011
Rok 2010
  • Barriers of Cross-cultural Interactions According to the Research Findings
    • M. Rozkwitalska

    - Journal of Intercultural Management - Rok 2010

    The aim of this article is to label major cultural barriers and to present results of empiricalfindings referring to barriers to intercultural interactions in foreign subsidiaries oftransnational corporations (TNCs). The qualitative research was conducted in TNCs'foreign subsidiaries operating in Poland in the winter of 2009/2010. The articledescribes how the respondents perceived the problems in cooperation with foreigners,defines...

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Rok 2009
  • Cultural dilemmas of international management

    Zarządzanie międzynarodowe polega na kierowaniu działalnością przedsiębiorstwa przekraczającą granice państw. Otoczenie międzynarodowe, zwłaszcza wymiar kulturowy odgrywa podstawową rolę w kształtowaniu efektywności umiędzynarodowionego podmiotu. Celem referatu jest przedstawienie problematyki zarządzania międzynarodowego w aspektach kulturowych. Pierwsza część pracy ukazuje obszary zarządzania międzynarodowego. Następnie krótko...

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