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Rok 2017
Rok 2016
Rok 2014
  • Constructive entanglement test from triangle inequality

    - Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical - Rok 2014

    We derive a simple lower bound on the geometric measure of entanglement for mixed quantum states in the case of a general multipartite system. The main ingredient of the presented derivation is the triangle inequality applied to the root infidelity distance in the space of density matrices. The obtained bound leads to entanglement criteria with a straightforward interpretation. The proposed criteria provide an experimentally accessible,...

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  • Intrinsic asymmetry with respect to adversary: a new feature of Bell inequalities

    - Journal of Physics A-Mathematical and Theoretical - Rok 2014

    It is known that the local bound of a Bell inequality is sensitive to the knowledge of the external observer about the settings statistics. Here we ask how that sensitivity depends on the structure of that knowledge. It turns out that in some cases it may happen that the local bound is much more sensitive to the adversaryʼs knowledge about the settings of one party than the other. Remarkably, there are Bell inequalities which are...

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  • Local hidden–variable models for entangled quantum states

    While entanglement and violation of Bell inequalities were initially thought to be equivalent quantum phenomena, we now have different examples of entangled states whose correlations can be described by local hidden-variable models and, therefore, do not violate any of the Bell inequalities. We provide an up-to-date overview of the existing literature regarding local hidden-variable models for entangled quantum states, in both...

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Rok 2013
Rok 2012
Rok 2009
  • A simple test for quantum channel capacity

    Based on state and channel isomorphism we point out that semidefiniteprogramming can be used as a quick test for nonzero one-way quantum channelcapacity. This can be achieved by searching for symmetric extensions of statesisomorphic to a given quantum channel. With this method we provide examplesof quantum channels that can lead to high entanglement transmission but stillhave zero one-way capacity, in particular, regions of symmetric...

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  • Teleportation of geometric structures in 3D

    The simplest quantum teleportation algorithms can be represented in geometric terms in spaces of dimensions 3 (for real state vectors) and 4 (for complex state vectors). The geometric representation is based on geometric-algebra coding, a geometric alternative to the tensor-product coding typical of quantum mechanics. We discuss all the elementary ingredients of the geometric version of the algorithm: geometric analogs of states...

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Rok 2007

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