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Rok 2020
Rok 2019
Rok 2018
  • A novel calibration method for RSS-based DoA estimation using ESPAR antennas

    In this paper, we introduce a new calibration method that can successfully be used in direction of arrival (DoA) estimation using electronically steerable parasitic array radiator (ESPAR) antennas and employing power-pattern cross-correlation (PPCC) algorithm, which relies on received signal strength (RSS) values recorded at the antenna output port. Instead of the commonly used two-step approach, during which ESPAR antenna calibration...

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Rok 2017
Rok 2016
  • Wireless multimodal localization sensor for industrial applications

    This paper presents the concept and design of a wireless multimodal localization sensor for hybrid localization systems combining vision-based, radio-based and inertial techniques in order to alleviate problems in harsh and complex industrial environments. It supports two radio technologies, 868 MHz UHF RFID and 2.4 GHz WSN, for positioning purposes and communications. The sensor includes LED light transmitters for vision-based...

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Rok 2015
Rok 2014
  • RF Indoor Positioning System Supported by Wireless Computer Vision Sensors

    In this paper the possibility of increase the accuracy of RF fingerprinting indoor tracking system by the use of additional information from simple vision system is examined. As the distances in signal space differs from ones in real environment the ambiguity in decision process of fingerprinting algorithm can occur when set of closest distances between tag and map points in signal space corresponds to big distances differences...

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