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Latest Achievements in Concrete Structures Three-Dimensional Printing


We can hear about three-dimensional printed concrete structures for several years, up to date solutions in this technology allow entire printing settlements of tiny concrete houses. Due to technical limitations, these houses are still small and not very durable, but undoubtedly, this technology is developing. Home printed in three-dimensional technology can be an alternative to modular container buildings implemented in areas affected by natural disasters and as a solution for low-cost small residential houses. We believe that in a few years it will reach its full potential by entering a constructions mainstream. Printing concrete structures have many advantages over casual concrete casting. First of all, it is the speed of the construction process, three-dimensional printed houses can me build quicker, and relatively low printing costs. Printing concrete structures is not labour-intensive and is more environmentally friendly due to lower consumption of energy and reduction of construction waste to zero. In this paper, we will analyse the current state of the art in concrete structures three-dimensional printing technology, we will describe the dominant and developing trends, and we will consider in what direction this technology may improve in the future. The most common problems related to the implementation of construction nodes of small residential houses in three-dimensional technology will also be indicated. In addition, methods will be proposed to increase the spatial stiffness of printed houses, taking into account the optimisation of costs in terms of technology and time of completion.

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Ziółkowski P., Niedostatkiewicz M.: Latest Achievements in Concrete Structures Three-Dimensional Printing// / : , 2020,
Politechnika Gdańska

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