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Usability study of various biometric techniques in bank branches


The purpose of the presented research was to evaluate the performance of the prepared biometric algorithms and obtain information on the opinions and preferences of their users in bank branches. The study aimed to determine users' attitudes towards particular modalities and preferences on how to use biometrics after the bank customers had practical experience with the operation of the prototype solutions. The research results allow a better understanding of users' needs and expectations, which can help to increase the knowledge of the need for biometric solutions in banking. Making appropriate changes based on the research results can help improve user satisfaction. The experiments included the collection of biometric sample collection and verification processes conducted by bank customers assisted by employees. The study collected biometric samples and questionnaires from 365 people, and 179 complete verifications were conducted. About 95% of those surveyed expressed acceptance of the implemented solutions for handling transactions using biometrics. The HandVein-FaceImage (hand vein scanning and face recognition) modality pair was rated highest in 70% of cases in the studied population.

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Harasimiuk A., Czyżewski A.: Usability study of various biometric techniques in bank branches// / : , 2023,
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Politechnika Gdańska

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