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  • Automated Valuation Model based on fuzzy and rough set theory for real estate market with insufficient source data

    - LAND USE POLICY - 2019

    Objective monitoring of the real estate value is a requirement to maintain balance, increase security and minimize the risk of a crisis in the financial and economic sector of every country. The valuation of real estate is usually considered from two points of view, i.e. individual valuation and mass appraisal. It is commonly believed that Automated Valuation Models (AVM) should be devoted to mass appraisal, which requires a large...

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  • Geoscience Methods in Real Estate Market Analyses Subjectivity Decrease

    - Geosciences - 2019

    Real estate management, including real estate market analysis, is part of a so-called geosystem. In recent years, the popularity of creating various types of systems and automatic solutions in real estate management, including those related to property classification and valuation, has been growing in the world, mainly to reduce the impact of human subjectivity, to increase the scope of analyses and reduce research time. A very...

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  • The Optimal Location of Ground-Based GNSS Augmentation Transceivers

    - Geosciences - 2019

    Modern Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) allow for positioning with accuracies ranging from tens of meters to single millimeters depending on user requirements and available equipment. A major disadvantage of these systems is their unavailability or limited availability when the sky is obstructed. One solution is to use additional range measurements from ground-based nodes located in the vicinity of the receiver. The highest...

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