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  • All-gather Algorithms Resilient to Imbalanced Process Arrival Patterns

    Two novel algorithms for the all-gather operation resilient to imbalanced process arrival patterns (PATs) are presented. The first one, Background Disseminated Ring (BDR), is based on the regular parallel ring algorithm often supplied in MPI implementations and exploits an auxiliary background thread for early data exchange from faster processes to accelerate the performed all-gather operation. The other algorithm, Background Sorted...

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  • Improving Clairvoyant: reduction algorithm resilient to imbalanced process arrival patterns

    The Clairvoyant algorithm proposed in “A novel MPI reduction algorithm resilient to imbalances in process arrival times” was analyzed, commented and improved. The comments concern handling certain edge cases in the original pseudocode and description, i.e., adding another state of a process, improved cache friendliness more precise complexity estimations and some other issues improving the robustness of the algorithm implementation....

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  • Total chromatic sum for trees

    - Rok 2021

    The total chromatic sum of a graph is the minimum sum of colors (natural numbers) taken over all proper colorings of vertices and edges of a graph. We provide infinite families of trees for which the minimum number of colors to achieve the total chromatic sum is equal to the total chromatic number. We construct infinite families of trees for which these numbers are not equal, disproving the conjecture from 2012.

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  • Complementary oriented allocation algorithm for cloud computing

    Nowadays cloud computing is one of the most popular processing models. More and more different kinds of workloads have been migrated to clouds. This trend obliges the community to design algorithms which could optimize the usage of cloud resources and be more effiient and effective. The paper proposes a new model of workload allocation which bases on the complementarity relation and analyzes it. An example of a case of use is shown...

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  • Open extensive IoT research and measurement infrastructure for remote collection and automatic analysis of environmental data.

    Internet of Things devices that send small amounts of data do not need high bit rates as it is the range that is more crucial for them. The use of popular, unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands is fairly legally enforced (transmission power above power limits cannot be increased). In addition, waves of this length are very diffiult to propagate under field conditions (e.g. in urban areas). The market response to these needs are the...

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  • Processing of Satellite Data in the Cloud

    The dynamic development of digital technologies, especially those dedicated to devices generating large data streams, such as all kinds of measurement equipment (temperature and humidity sensors, cameras, radio-telescopes and satellites – Internet of Things) enables more in-depth analysis of the surrounding reality, including better understanding of various natural phenomenon, starting from atomic level reactions, through macroscopic...

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    In the paper, a service oriented architecture is used to describe various scenarios of human-oriented enterprises. They can be modeled by BPMN to show basic information flow. We consider business scenarios to present another modeling solution called service orchestration or service mashup. That approach gives an opportunity for the right management through taking the best possible choice of services, or composition of services....

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