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  • Timber Frame Houses with Different Insulation Materials - Seismic Analysis

    The aim of this article is to present results of a dynamic numerical analysis focused on the response of two timber frame building structures exposed to seismic excitations. The first structure was insulated with mineral wool, while the second one with polyurethane foam. Specifications and technology involved in the models' construction are based on the previously conducted experimental study, upon which numerical structural models...

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  • Experimental study on steel columns subjected to impact load under earthquake conditions

    - Year 2011

    Earthquakes affecting urbanized regions cause exceptional loads to load bearing structural elements such as columns. Such a boost in the load conditions can lead to severe damages which, in a worst case scenario, can lead to a total collapse of a building. This boost is caused by the horizontal ground movement generating a rise in the internal forces due to considerable large displacement between the top and bottom support of columns....

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