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  • Assessment of the Bulgarian Wastewater Treatment Plants’ Impact on the Receiving Water Bodies

    - MOLECULES - 2019

    Deterioration of water quality is a major problem world widely according to many international non-governmental organizations (NGO). As one of the European Union (EU) countries, Bulgaria is also obliged by EU legislation to maintain best practices in assessing surface water quality and the efficiency of wastewater treatment processes. For these reasons studies were undertaken to utilize ecotoxicological (Microtox®, Phytotoxkit...

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  • Green Chemistry Metrics with Special Reference to Green Analytical Chemistry

    The concept of green chemistry is widely recognized in chemical laboratories. To properly measure an environmental impact of chemical processes, dedicated assessment tools are required. This paper summarizes the current state of knowledge in the field of development of green chemistry and green analytical chemistry metrics. The diverse methods used for evaluation of the greenness of organic synthesis, such as eco-footprint, E-Factor,...

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  • Synthesis, Molecular Structure, Metabolic Stability and QSAR Studies of a Novel Series of Anticancer N-Acylbenzenesulfonamides
    • B. Żołnowska
    • J. Sławiński
    • M. Belka
    • T. Bączek
    • A. Kawiak
    • J. Chojnacki
    • A. Pogorzelska
    • K. Szafrański

    - MOLECULES - 2015

    A series of novel N-acyl-4-chloro-5-methyl-2-(R1-methylthio)benzenesulfonamides 18–47 have been synthesized by the reaction of N-[4-chloro-5-methyl-2-(R1-methylthio) benzenesulfonyl]cyanamide potassium salts with appropriate carboxylic acids. Some of them showed anticancer activity toward the human cancer cell lines MCF-7, HCT-116 and HeLa, with the growth percentages (GPs) in the range from 7% to 46%. Quantitative structure-activity relationship...

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